Shandong introduction of the first new material industry special planning

In November 2018 08, from 15:57: - Shandong channel Ji'nan (Zheng Puli) 8 November, November 8th, the Shandong provincial government held a press conference recently introduced the "Shandong new material industry development plan (2018-2022 years)" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") interpretation.

It is understood that the "planning" is the special planning of Shandong new energy transfer major engineering industry one of the "top ten" "new material industry", is also the first in the history of Shandong new material industry development plan.

On the day of the conference, Shandong province industry and information technology department level inspector Wang Chaoying said, to 2022, Shandong new materials industry's main business revenue reached 1 trillion and 500 billion yuan, an increase of 10% or more, the scale of the industry to maintain the top three ranking forward, and strive to. The focus of new material industry segments to reach the domestic advanced level accounted for more than 60%, reached the international advanced level accounted for more than 20%. By 2025, the new materials industry in the province's main business income of more than 2 trillion yuan, innovation, competitiveness and drive increased significantly, Shandong became an important pillar industry and new economic growth point.

The new materials industry, a wide range, after careful study of "planning" on the forefront of new materials, key strategic materials, advanced base material three areas put forward the development direction and focus. New material is to seize the key to the future of the new material industry competition, Shandong province at the advanced level in the fabrication of graphene powder, graphene films such as large-scale system, the next step is to extend the industrial chain, expand the scale of cluster. Key strategic materials is an important material basis for strategic emerging industries, innovation driven development, Shandong Province, Weihai, Tai'an, Shandong expand Hayes Moore sinocera and a number of leading enterprises in the country at the advanced level, in the next five years, to consolidate and improve its market share, to further broaden the application fields, to create a number of well-known new Shandong material brand. Advanced base material plays a basic role of support and protection of national defense and national economy construction. In the next five years, to further enhance the level of technology and market development ability, maintain the industry-leading level, improve the international competitiveness.

In answer to a reporter's question on the perfect new materials of high level talent cultivation problems, Shandong Province Department of industry and information technology and raw material industries director Liang Zhenjiang said that talent is the first resource, Shandong will create thousands of new materials of high-end talent, give full play to the talents in the core role of innovation to enhance the ability of.

One is to improve the new materials of high level talents cultivation, introduction and use of mechanisms. Shandong will combine the "create a first-class environment to introduce high-end talent and give full play to the overall deployment of talents resource system innovation, establish and perfect the Shandong new material of high level talents cultivation, introduction and use of mechanisms.

Two is to accelerate the construction of innovation platform, only basic platform with solid talents. According to the accumulation of innovation resources, activate innovative elements of the principle, relying on key enterprises, scientific research institutions, universities, industry alliance, association, promote the enterprise technology center, innovation platform construction industry innovation center, public training base, through innovative platform, high level Zhuchaoyinfeng, retain qualified personnel.

The three is to pay attention to personnel training. Around the new material industries focus on the development of Shandong, relying on universities, research institutes, research centers and well-known enterprises, the implementation of training plan of new materials of high-end talent, selected each year in a number of technical backbone of youth training, communication and learning, accelerate the growth of talent.

Four is to accelerate the speed of convergence of talents. Relying on the "Taishan industrial leading talent project" and "one hundred plans" and other major engineering talents, the selection of new materials, the introduction of high-level talents to a number of new materials, to encourage overseas professionals eligible to declare the national people plan, guide the high level of new materials professionals to accelerate the agglomeration of enterprises.

(commissioning editor Zheng Puli and Hu Honglin)

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